What Exactly is Destiny Tuning? Its The #1 Secret to Manifest Anything!

It’s the BEST  “Destiny Tuning”  Manifestation Miracle overview because of it’s in-depth analysis on the Destiny Tuning process, a thorough and complete review of the content, plus my very own “out of this world” personal manifestation success examples from using Destiny Tuning since May 2014. We are here to show you through real life example after example that Destiny Tuning works and will help you achieve all your goals!!!💜

Some pretty BIG Manifestation Miracles I experienced since completing the program

Destiny Tuning Engagement Ring            Destiny Tuning Wedding           Destiny Tuning House

I Manifested My DREAM Engagement Ring, Wedding and a brand new custom design Home!

Destiny Tuning Recent Manifestations

Recent smaller scale manifestations but fun things that I really wanted to vibe in!!!!

Above is just to show your REAL LIFE proof that Destiny Tuning Works on all scales, large and small! Here at What is Destiny Tuning we provide specific details of the program content and answer every question a visitor could possibly have about the Destiny Tuning program and technique! This site is loaded with manifestation content and all blue fonts are links that will take you deeper into the topic. We provide you with ALL The FACTS and The Raw Uncut Truth! 

This Site Is 150% Dedicated To Destiny Tuning and In Answering The Burning Question We Are All Wondering… What Exactly Is Destiny Tuning???

This site was created for someone who wants to MASTER Manifestation, someone who is ready to live and experience their goals, live a life  that feels like you need to pinch yourself because your living out a magical dream! This is your opportunity from The Universe to completely shine from the inside out!

If you can invest 5 minutes we will share with you the leaked secret!!!

If you want a very thorough understanding and need a RADICAL change in any area of your life NOW, then I invite you to relax and take a few minutes to read the whole page and see how easily you can achieve what you want with the Destiny Tuning technique.

Let’s Begin…

Destiny Tuning is centred around our personal energy that attracts “things” in our life, positive and negative.  It’s a process and psychological technique that alters your personal vibration, which in turn alters future reality.

Energy and thought/feeling energy can be measured, and depending on the speed and frequency will determine if and when we get the goal, or if the changes we are after will remain the same or transform.

Destiny Tuning is a scientific formula that unleashes manifestation and once you learn the process it can be applied to every area of your life to enhance every experience.

Personal vibrational frequencies affect outcomes in every circumstance, so mastering and understanding your PERSONAL vibration is the key element to making a change in your life and the way to manifest any goal.

Living out this process daily will also have a very positive effect on the lives of the people around you, they will benefit and their frequency will be enhanced from just being in your presence! Have you ever been around a person who radiates light? Where you can feel their peace and genuine joy and you catch it.  Imagine being that for all the people you love!

Most people researching Manifestation Miracle are looking for ways to achieve a specific goal, achieve a certain state of being, expand their knowledge and consciousness, understand the law of attraction or perhaps why the law of attraction hasn’t worked in their life.  Destiny Tuning will help you to see and understand what areas in your life are sabotaging your frequency and it might not be anything related to your goal that is energetically holding you back!

Successful people have naturally and habitually mastered this process and we are going to show you how to implement it too!

TRUTH – You do not have to be a law of attraction guru to manifest your goals and live life on your terms! Anyone can do this!

Destiny Tuning Basics

When we search any product on line our main questions are… How will this product help me? Has it worked for anyone else? What value will it bring to my life and finally what will it cost me? So let’s answer those first!

♥ Product: Manifestation Miracle
♥ Author:   Heather Mathews
♥ Cost:       $47.00usd                                                                                                                                                  Ebook/Audio, 3 week (new habit forming)Abundance Success daily workbook , and Abundance and Relationship audio affirmations

60 Days money back
♥ Optional programs for sale
♥ Optional monthly members subscription
♥ Customer Service support@manifestationmiracle.com

How Will Destiny Tuning  Help Me?

You will gain awareness and understanding of you’re personal energetic frequency, how and why frequency is a very key component to manifestation, how it relates to The Law of Attraction, what sabotages personal energy, what fuels it and through COMPLETING all exercises, you will reawaken the “How To” to maintain and experience flow in you’re life.

What Value Will Destiny Tuning Bring To My Life?

 The Destiny Tuning course is a doorway that allows you the option to permanently change your vibrational frequency from here on in, which is invaluable!

By living and emitting higher vibes wonderful experiences present them self, the reason being, because they reside on higher frequencies.  “Being” on that level gifts overall feelings of happiness and satisfaction and those feelings are attraction and magnetic!

The “How To” is wrapped in irony because most likely you know the answers.   Most people look externally for the “How To’s” but Destiny Tuning focuses on our heart for the answer which is where you will find it!

Feel Blessed! Because YOU Are! You Vibed and Attracted Destiny Tuning Right Into Your Life At The PERFECT Time!

Proof your vibes are higher…Just by visiting us today you vibed in a FREE GIFT!! Yay!

I LOVE Free manifestation tools so just for fun if you want you can take 5 min and attune yourself to 528hz, the frequency of ♥ LOVE ♥

Attune Yourself NOW to The Miracle Frequency 528hz  – Click FREE! I also highly recommend watching the short clip so you can see first hand the effects of different frequencies, its very very cool! Seeing it in action can help put what I am saying in perspective.

♥ Jaime ♥

I want to formally introduce myself and welcome you!DT Signiture

I have studied quantum physics, manifestation, meditation and self development for the last 11 years! I LOVE IT! It fascinates me! It ignites such enthusiasm and I guess the fitting word would be hope and anticipation, because I know deep down what we want, wants us, and its possible to get it! Its just a mix of understanding some key elements and connecting the dots!

Studying all components of The Law of Attraction and massssstering Vibration is my hobby! This is my personal passion and its been such a blessing in my life! My whole “being” has been changed over the last decade.

Through Destiny Tuning and the inspired action I received to create this website, I now have the beautiful opportunity to share my  ♥  with you, which I am extremely grateful!

I absolutely LOVE being a Destiny Tuning Affiliate because it acts as a portal allowing me to share my passion, knowledge, experience and now provide material for purchase for the student, just like me, is looking for it! I am here maybe for you!?!?

Since I started the Destiny Tuning program May 2014 I have experienced HUGE blessings in my life and that’s why I am sooo excited and honored to share this with the world.  My personal success stories are further down the page and if your considering purchasing the program check them out! Miracles do happen to ordinary people when you learn how to master your energy and live in the FLOW!

Exceeding Expectations

Our #1 Goal is to WOW all our visitors with top notch Destiny Tuning content, real life examples and fun tools to enhance your experience and self development journey; we aim to please all visitors and subscribers.

Life Is Meant to Be MAGICAL!!!

We want to show you step by step how this program can work for you to achieve you’re personal goals so you too can live your life like a beautiful dream!


Destiny Tuning is about FLOW and when your in “The Flow” miracles happen! We will continuously add freebies EVERYWHERE ON THIS SITE and also links and exposure to extraordinary manifestation tips, techniques and programs.

What you can expect if you subscribe to our FREE Manifestation Tools…

– At home tool to measure your energetic flow on any goal or situation

– Advanced energy clearing technique and meditations

– How to make vision boards that manifest into reality and see personal examples that will blow your mind

And sooo much more!! I have 11 years of fun manifestion tips and techniques that I would love to share with you.

You have officially stepped into this transformational energy and we want to welcome you and reward you with FREE gifts.

We have included FREE access to The Destiny Tuning  Breakthrough Kit and also FREE access to very Unique and Powerful Manifestation Tools

Advanced Manifestation Tools that you can use immediately that are NOT in Manifestation Miracle content

 Destiny Tuning Is For You If…

  • You want to learn how to speak the VIBRATIONAL language of the Universe so your desires are FINALLY Manifested! – Click Here for 3 step process

  • You finally want to do, WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, vs following the agenda of everyone else!


You Want to Know and Understand The Missing Link as to Why The Law of Attraction Hasn’t Worked When You Feel Like You Have Tried EVERYTHING!


  • You want to FEEL Excited and Alive EVERYDAY!!!
  • You want to harness Manifestation Momentum and increase it’s intensity in all areas of your life!

  • You want to live in a permanent state of joy and fulfillment which will transform your most special relationships because the ones you care about will feel the love emitting from you


The Answer As To Why The Law Of Attraction Hasn’t Worked For Many People is Simple!

Once Someone Gains The Awareness Its Obvious and Almost Funny Because Its Been Right Under Our Nose

The Manifestation Miracle is a holistic approach to achieving our goals, what you are inside is a relection on the outside


 You Are What YOU See! YOU Are What YOU Feel!
You’re Reality Is a Hologram of Your Personal Perspective and VIBRATIONS

The brilliance of Destiny Tuning is it’s designed to bring out your total authenticity, working on the inside to get the end results, this is the only way!

Destiny Tuning is multifaceted! Meaning its NOT jussst a book! Along with reading the ebook contents there is also daily audio affirmations,  active exercises from each chapter and a Daily Abundance Success  Workbook.

The workbook and exercises will create new thought habits and you will start to emit a new vibration, a vibration that is in tune with where you want to go!

Destiny Tuning is GAURANTEED to Change Your Life Forever!

You Vibed This in Because on an Energetic Level YOU Asked For It!!!



Destiny Tuning





Destiny Tuning May Also Be For You If…

  • Your someone who always says YES to everyone else but who wants to finally say YES to YOU and your dreams!
  • If you want to know why Struggle gets us NOWHERE and takes us in the opposite direction of our desires

Destiny Tuning May NOT Be For You If…

#1 You flat out don’t have time! Or won’t make the time! – I highly recommend reading it, listen to it, do the exercises, track your progress, take ACTION on all inspired thoughts and do it again in a month

To properly do the active exercises it will take approx an hour and the “new habit” forming workbook takes daily discipline.  If these are not done, new habits are NOT formed and no new energy pattern will be created

#2 Expecting a result without changing your personal vibration!

#3 No money to invest in yourself and your self development journey. But then the real question is, can you afford not to do it, so a change is possible in the near future.

#4 Have any negative pre judgment

#5 The final one is if it doesn’t “FEEL” Right For You at this time

We are all on a very unique and special journey and for some this information will be the catalyst to achieve their dreams and I am excited to be a part of that! For others timing might not be right?

My Destiny Tuning Review Research

I came across The Manifestation Miracle course “Destiny Tuning” and just like you wanted to do some research to see what the program was all about and if it really was something that would provide value in my personal growth journey and help me accelerate to the next level.

I Am  Soooooo BLESSED That I Vibed in Destiny Tuning and Applied The Technique

I bought Destiny Tuning the end of May 2014 and the last 6 months I have been blessed beyond measure…

I took a dream trip with my man to Nova Scotia ♥ I have wanted to go for 3 years now and Sept 2014 The Universe planned a spectacular, romantic and FUN adventure for the 2 of us! It was Amazzzing!

Nova 7 Nova 6 Nova 3

My man and I bought our first beautiful house 11 11 2014 ♥ It’s brand new and customized to exactly what we both love and want! The design and decor is gorgeous and its in a beautiful small town!!

first house

01 01 2015 I was beyond blessed with the most Stunningly Beautiful Princess cut diamond engagement ring from My Man and Best Friend!!!

I have dreamt about wearing this ring forever and now I get to wear it FOREVER!!!! ♥ He planned the PERFECT proposal for me at 11:11am and made it soooooo very special and truly sentimental!! I am sooo BLESSED to spend the rest of my life with him and I will be forever grateful for the Love and friendship we have always shared!!!

Now that is my personal experience and I am sure a lot more beautiful surprises from The Universe are on the way!

Lets fast forward to August 8 2015…



Blessed beyond words can only describe what has happened the last 8 months – CLICK Here to see how I vibed in the Wedding of my Dreams!


 From My Personal Experience I KNOW Destiny Tuning WORKS!!!

Destiny Tuning CAN Work for YOU Too!
Just Allow The Love In!

Why I Created What Is Destiny Tuning…

When I was looking to buy the program and did my own research I didn’t find anything of substance, just some very convincing sales pitches.

Now in my case I knew I would purchase Destiny Tuning because within the first couple minutes of watching Heather Mathews video it resonated within me, but still its always nice when you can get external validation as to whether its a good tool, a good choice,  or if its new material that will provide the value it claims.

My Dead End Research on The Content Was Such a Blessing In Disguise!

Not only did I decide to invest in myself and add it to my collection on the topic of manifestation but I created this website which has been such a joy for me and now I have the privilige to say not only is it amazing but I have had sooo wishes come true in my life in a short period of time!

Destiny Tuning Allowed Me To Share My Passion Of Energy, LOVE and The Law Of Attraction With The World

So now I am here for you, to bring you the answers that I was looking for and was hoping to find.  I also wanted to bring more to the table, add in some real GEMS not in the Destiny Tuning  content but that you can use alongside with the Destiny Tuning material to enhance your experience and propel you even further!

Coincidence? I Think NOT!

I don’t believe in coincidence! In all my years of study I know its all about specific vibrations, and guess what?… You came here for a reason! Perhaps it really is Destiny!

Law of Attraction Authors

What I have noticed is that each of the Law of Attraction authors bring forth a different element or combination of elements to the mix. They have chosen to specialize or focus their content in different key areas of the Law of Attraction pie!

People Are Always Looking For a Secret! My Opinion is The Combination and Implementation of The Elements is The Secret

This is definitely an oxymoron… There is no secret yet there are sooooo many secrets that need to be tied in all together! Lol

What I mean by that is first off the true key can only be unlocked by you, its in your heart & soul! Only YOU know what you want and what makes you happy (vibn good)

Next, depending on your level of current awareness, your current perception of yourself, your goals and the world around you, what you HEAR and take from these authors including  Heather Mathews depends on YOU!

You will HEAR what your ready to hear and you will implement certain techniques that speak to you at this point in time to move you to the next level.

Now I Know We all are Looking for that 1 Magic Potion that Hands us Right Freakn NOW What We Truly Want in Life! We are all The Same!

What Heather Mathews Brings to The Table…

Let’s think of The Law of Attraction like baking a pie, there are various ingredients and action steps to bring it to completion.

The Destiny Tuning material focuses on 2 key ingredients of this Law of Attraction pie. I could relate Heather’s course to what keeps the Law of Attraction pie all together, like the heat in the oven that bakes the pie and brings it to conclusion, eating and enjoying!

That analogy is describing the PERSONAL vibration that is emitted to The Universe on a second to second basis!

Heather’s second component, I could relate it to ALL the ingredients that we need in order to make the actual pie.

This element is first discovering and then living a life true to you! Living authentically! Living a life that pleases you! Knowing and doing this will bring you into perfect alignment, which is the vibration The Universe can hear and understand.

My Perspective

What I took from The Destiny Tuning content based on my level of awareness was Heather Mathews focused on the element of vibration in our DAILY LIFE! The vibrations we are sending out ALL DAY AND EVERY DAY and how it effects everything else, especially the goals we want! And she nailed it! Now again I took that based on MY level of awareness, you could  be different?

It’s NOT just the vibration of energy we send out when we meditate, or do our affirmations, or look at our vision boards or practice gratitude or yoga etc.  Yes we are taught to implement those in our daily routine to help us achieve our goals, BUT Heather reminds us of something you intuitively already know that will allow you to keep the level of vibration high enough or (flow’n) permanently which is exactly where the magic of manifestation happens and yes miracles are revealed. That’s probably where she got her title of manifestation miracle!

Have You Ever Experienced The Magic of Being “In The FLOW”

Think to yourself for a moment… Have you really experienced the flow?  If you have had the pleasure of that experience, that memory will flood you now and that feeling will immediately come to you! That’s a level 10 or above vibn!

Everyone that has had that experience knows what I’m talking about! Its an un-denying feeling of freedom, joy and bliss!!!!!!!! For all of us that have had glimmers were all searching for ways to get it back because that is the very space where everything happens that you want and that is the guarantee that this program speaks of!

When Heather Mathews talks about forcing The Universe to give you what you want, it’s the level of vibration which is the direct communication and vibrational signals were sending out ALL the time that we need to pay very close attention to and MASTER!

Heather Mathews walks you through, in a conversation like manner, to remind you of the YOU that can harness that level of vibration permanently and also help you eliminate some obvious factors most of us, including myself before I read the material, actually dismiss.

Most of us Miss it Because its so Common in Everyday Life and We Don’t Understand the Effects

The Law of Attraction

Most people reading this know the basics of the Law of Attraction but just for any newbies here it is… EVERYTHING is energy and like energy attracts like energy period!

That means whatever vibration is being emitted  will attract the same vibration back to itself.  If you take only this from this site, that one piece of insight, if really internalized has the power to transform your life!

When I mean everything I mean EVERYTHING!!! You as a person, the words you speak, the thoughts you think, songs you sing, the conversations you have with others and yourself, a belief, a memory, a book, this blog, it all emits energy.

Everything In The Universe Is Made of Energy

Back to famous authors and Heather Mathews, they focus and teach on how to think, how to visualize and how to control our mental world and thank God for them because those are crucial in the manifestation process.

BUT if we are practicing those things and we don’t seem to be getting where we want the answer is the flow of vibration is off! Its actually not flow! Its resistance and usually resistant energy comes from simple things you may not recognize like previously I didn’t and this is the #1 reason for hit and miss goals.

The #2 reason for not achieving our goals, which is Heathers next key component, is not being true to who you really are! This is the Ultimate Vibe Sucker!!! And we need to get awareness of what those are to eliminate them!

Page 26 of The Manifestation Miracle has a list of common vibe suckers and I admit I did #1 and #4 for years!!! They are simple and that’s what is crazy sometimes because its those simple things that are silent killers!

Thought Provoking Question…

The best way I can explain Heathers Mathews last real key component is through a personal example.  I read on fb a very thought provoking question… Now that I am 32 and I know what I know now, what advice would I give to my 23 year old self?

I really thought about that question and this was my answer…

Don’t hold back if being your authentic self, my true self, makes the people around me uncomfortable! Say no when I mean no! Be honest about how I feel, what I want in MY life, how I want to spend MY time and with whom I want to spend my time and how I want to live MY LIFE! Always follow your heart and if something brings tears of joy to your eyes and makes you feel so happy you can’t stand it ALWAYS follow it!

The funny thing is, my answer to myself is the whole premise of The Destiny Tuning program! We ALWAYS know the answer but then manifest or create externally to confirm it! Lol I attracted the Manifestation Miracle  about 2 months after that thought provoking exercise

Destiny Tuning In a Nutshell

The Manifestation Miracle program is going to help you explore ways on how to permanently keep your EVERYDAY vibration in a state of flow, by being authentically true to yourself and utilizing your unique gifts and passions for life, which is the most natural and surest way to get the universe to hear your call.

Without mastering our state of vibration goals are hit and miss and even if we use all the other manifestation tools we won’t achieve what were looking for

If you haven’t watched Heather Mathews Destiny Tuning video I encourage you to watch it and guaranteed you will either resonate with what she says in the first 5 min or flat out you won’t!

(The Destiny Tuning Video will prompt but when you leave the page it will direct you to Heather Mathews FREE Manifestation Breakthrough pdf) 

*Manifestation Breakthrough Kit* FREE DESTINY TUNING PDF When you click HERE

Learn To FORCE The Universe
To Give You Your DREAM Life…


Want Some MORE Proof of Destiny Tuning in Action?

*Manifestation Miracle Examples

*How I Manifested a New Business

Perception and Intention!

Really intend that Destiny Tuning will blow your mind, that it will help you see where you previously allowed your vibration to be lowered and that you will gain a new level of awareness that brings in clarity.

Destiny Tuning is By No Means a Big Monetary Investment!

A dollar value is irrelevant  if the content can change your life and in this case permanently.

I paid over $10,000 for a week training program years ago and most people thought I was nuts! But at that time it took me to the next level, I absolutely LOVED it and I had one of the BEST times of my entire life!!!!

Destiny Tuning  is nowhere near that cost, in fact its a half of 1 % of that cost but just so you get my point that VALUE IS EVERYTHING!!!!

Advanced Manifestation Tools and Freebies

I have also included some very cool techniques on here that might be new to you and other ways you can use the material in Destiny Tuning to enhance your experience!

Signing up for the FREE Manifestation Tools is going to give you access to advanced techniques that you can implement immediately! This is state of the art tools and you are going to LOVE them!

I really wanted to exceed your expectations and put in place a site that WOWS you! I am always looking to be WOWed myself so I decided to follow my bliss and provide it for you!

If you have searched the What is Destiny Tuning website and still have ANY questions or you would like to say HI 🙂 drop us a line and please feel free to leave us a message! I hope you have a wonderful day and a heart hug to YOU!!!


Founder of What Is Destiny Tuning



 Click HERE to check out the BONUS Material

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    1. Hey Ralph! Sweet! Destiny Tuning Rocks!!! Absolutley I would love to be apart of it!!!! 🙂 Have an awesome day and keep me posted!

  8. “I really wanted to exceed your expectations and put in place a site that WOWS you! I am always looking to be WOWed myself so I decided to follow my bliss and provide it for you!”

    And you did. This has to be the best review website I have come across so far. It is good to finally see someone that puts in some effort. All you see when you want to find a review on something LOA-related, are a bunch of generic affiliate websites with sales pitches disguised as reviews – I am disgusted by it. People that run those stupid websites are major time-wasters.

    So, like I said, it is good to finally see someone that is passionate about the product they promote.

    If you want my 2 cents on Heather Matthews’s material, I have to say that I am reluctant to purchase it, because the website (that contains the intro video) is too hipey, and it uses every cliche in the book to make the sale. The sales pitch is basically the same as every other similar product’s, and, like so many others, she promises to reveal “the missing secret” (there are literally thousands of self-proclaimed gurus, who claim the same things) – how corny is that?

    I guess it might not be right for me…

    But I am impressed with your review site. The information I have found on here is of real value — even to someone like me, who has read hundreds of books on LOA and manifestation. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you soooooo much! I really appreciate your comment and that you think my review site is the best!!! I really love my website and always want to provide REAL value to anyone who visits! I agree with you, a lot of LOA sites are similar and sales pitchy! Lol That’s why I created mine! Before I purchased the program I looked up review sites on Manifestation Miracle and I found nothing!!!!!!!! So I thought I will buy it and I will create the best review site so if anyone is genuinely looking for an in depth review they will have it from me! 🙂 I got a lot of value from Destiny Tuning and since following the program have been a lot more conscious of my energy frequency and what manifests outwardly. This program is not for everyone, like anything, but it was for me and I have experienced a lot of success 🙂 The missing secret is explaining personal vibration and how it affects everything else! Thank you again!!! Have a WONDERFUL day!!!!!!!

  9. Gosh, didn’t know about this part of your blog. I know I don’t know you physically, yet I am soooo very happy for you! This is so awesome, your dreams manifesting into your reality! I’m over joyed (ex. jumping up and down with you screaming our heads off with pure joy. #Bliss). I have no idea why or how I keep coming upon your sites, but my spirit (aura) is strong. Sending much love, peace, happiness, abundance, and just BLISSFUL JOY to you and yours!
    P.S. Your doing an awesome thing by sharing, what is given to us freely. It really helps people to tap into what we all were given, but lost. Take care. Xoxoxo

    1. Hi 🙂 Well I am glad you found it 🙂 We are most definitely connected through this amazzzzzzzing energy, that’s exactly how it works!!!! YAY!!!! Thank you for sharing your LOVE and have the most Blessed, Joyful, Beyond Magical day!!!! xoxoxoxo

  10. Hi
    My name is umesh from india and i am really really super exited to use the technic to build a great future so i just want known from you that its your course will available in india and in hindi language

    1. Hi Umesh! I am so happy to hear you’re sooo excited! I am an affiliate of the program, It is not my own! I am not too sure about different languages but I will look into it for you 🙂 Have a fabulous day!!!

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