About Jaime ♥

Self Development & Personal Growth is My Life Passion

I love learning and exploring physics, metaphysics and The Law of Attraction! Fun to me is new research on the topic and trying new tools, techniques and practices – it brings me joy  I am a BIG fan of Feeling Amazzzing, Being HAPPY and Enjoying My Life and this topic is all about that!

I am very curious by nature and especially in the area of holistic health and self development.  I really enjoy reading about this topic, practicing a variety of meditation, Qigong, and always trying out the newest technologies or alternative health practices –  I’m a self development guinea piggy  –  I enjoy and would love to try it all!

I’m 3rd degree Reiki certified, I study and practice Qigong and have a vast knowledge about chakras and how imbalances play out in our lives. I also love numbers and numerology, synchronicity, and rock crystals – you could probably call it a rock obsession!

It was through Destiny Tuning that I discovered I really enjoy blogging, who would have thought? Lol  Time completely escapes me when I work on the site  and I am so excited to wake up to add more! I love to share the Beautiful Magic of The Universe with others on the same vibration!

It has been a pleasure to connect with you and share my personal experience with the Destiny Tuning material.  The Universe is Awesome!!! I’m beyond Blessed and extremely grateful!

I’m glad we VIBED each other in and my wish for You is to have all Your Dreams Come True!


Welcome to The Wonderful World of Destiny Tuning

Love Jaime



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