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 My name is Jaime



Welcome to My Destiny Tuning Review Site!
My goal was to do an in-depth review around the question… What is Destiny Tuning? This has been an ongoing personal project of mine and I have been an official student of this topic for over a decade!

This site was definitely inspired action after I read The Manifestation Miracle and I have had a lot of fun creating, expanding and putting my love energy into this blog to share with everyone who vibes it in.


Self Development and Personal Growth is My Passion

I love learning and exploring physics, metaphysics and The Law of Attraction! I literally can’t pull myself away from new research, trying new practices and now adding new and unique content to the What is Destiny Tuning site! I welcome you to explore the many pages and content and our aim here is to please and give the reader an outstanding experience!

It was through Destiny Tuning that I discovered I really enjoy blogging, who would have thought? Lol  Time completely escapes me when I work on the site  and I am so excited to wake up to add more and share The Universes Beautiful Magic with others on the same vibration!

What is Destiny Tuning will continue to grow and expand in all aspects.  I have created a book resource page filled with extra ordinary information that relates to Destiny Tuning and also in the works an online Holistic Store where you will have access to the most spectacular manifestation products available, things I guarantee you have never even heard of!!!

I’m Glad We VIBED Each Other In!

Now that we are new Cyber/Destiny Tuning friends and I have formerly introduced myself, I thought I would give you a little personal background so you can get to know me better.

I am very curious by nature and especially in the area of holistic health and self development.  I really enjoy reading about this topic, practicing a variety of meditation, qigong, and always trying out new technologies or alternative health practices in holistic spas.  I am like a little self development guinea piggy and I like to try it all!

It seems as though new products and developments in this industry never end, there is always something new and cool that pops into my awareness that grabs my attention so I thought here on this website is the perfect platform to share with others like me! 🙂

I am 3rd degree Reiki certified and perhaps in the next year or so will decide to take the teacher training. I have also studied Qigong and I am certified in Qi-ssage.

It has been a pleasure to connect with you and share my experiences with the Destiny Tuning material and it is my intention that my energy flows through all that has been written on this site to bless you and enrich your self development journey.

If You Have Any Questions or Comments Please Feel Free to Connect With Me!

If this is the first page on my blog you landed, then please check out the extensive menu and especially the main page titled What Exactly is Destiny Tuning if you were researching a product review on Manifestation Miracle.

The home page  “What Exactly is Destiny Tuning” is where all the goodies are about Heather Mathews Manifestation Miracle course and access to FREE SWAG – Destiny Tuning Free pdf Downloads and FREE Manifestation Tools.

If you’re on a self development journey and a student of the Law of Attraction then you will love the other pages included. I am constantly adding examples and new posts and I go in-depth in the understanding of how to manifest using The Destiny Tuning material!

 Also at The Bottom I Have Included Access to FREE SWAG so Please Enjoy The Manifestation Tools and Welcome to The Wonderful World of Destiny Tuning!


Love Jaime


Founder of What Is Destiny Tuning 


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