Abundant Success Workbook

The Abundant Success Workbook is Designed to Change Your Daily Habits

Here is a Secret…

Habits create your life! It’s the DAILY decisions compounded that will bring you the life of your dreams!

Daily Exercises

A small amount of time DAILY focusing on YOU will bring you results! There are four daily components in The Abundant Success Workbook that are easy, fun and take minimal time but can transform your day, week, month and year!

You will learn to take time for yourself, to relax, to focus on your goals and the most important… To FEEL Good!!!

These 4 daily practices will help change your personal vibration and lead you down the path to where you want to go.

The workbook is an accountability system and you can track and see your progress/ results!

Whatever You Focus On Expands!

Whatever you focus on in high vibrational state will start to show up in your reality! And it will start immediately! Try it!!!

The KEY is to start focusing on what you want and recognize and celebrate the small successes when you do start to see it showing up! 🙂 Keep your eyes open at all times! The Universe will present it!

Weekly Exercises

Week 1

The first week is a complete overview of where you are in all major areas of your life! It assesses where you are now and where you want to go!

Its important to see how far you have come and from this point on what has worked, what needs some adjustments and what other beautiful things would you like to create in your life!

After the first week the daily exercises will start to feel very routine and you will notice feeling lighter and peaceful! A feeling of not being rushed yet getting more accomplished!

Week 2

The focus shifts to areas in your life that we need to “clean house”

Every object has energy and also it reminds us of something!

To bring your vibration in harmony, your environment needs to be in harmony with you and where you want to go! If someone holds on to something from the past that brings up low frequency vibrations, thoughts and feelings, then someone might not be able to move forward if that object is always staring them in the face and actually that energy will be apart of your personal energy.

This is a fun exercise, it feels like you loose 10lbs with no effort and it makes room for new, cool and better things to manifest!

Week 3

Creation time! The focus is on creating a visual map of exactly what you want to manifest!

The order of the weekly exercises are important! I would advice not to skip ahead because in week three your perspective and personal vibration will be very different from day one!

You will be in a more creative and abundant mindset in week 3 so when you create you will be in a place of higher vibration.

Key Point – Repetition is crucial in training the mind which in turn trains your emotions and thus your vibrations. So completing the daily tasks for an extended period of time is very beneficial and becomes a habit!

After 3 full weeks a full review of your notes will be a very joyous experience! Review your emotions from day 1 to the last day and see how far you have come, how you feel about yourself and your goals! Feel the shift!!!

There is No Doubt in My Mind if Someone Follows This Plan They Will See Results! Its Like Math 1+1 = 2

This is the same!!! Implementing higher frequency vibration in your life will result in more higher frequency vibrations and experiences that match that new vibration.

What YOU Want in Life Wants You Too! Go GET IT! Love it! And Enjoy It!!!

 Have The BEST Day Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!


Founder of What is Destiny Tuning


8 thoughts on “Abundant Success Workbook

  1. This morning I order the program of destiny tuning. I am concerned because I gave my credit card information and did not get a confirmation or the material. I don’t want to be charged if I didn’t receive anything. I usually don’t do this on line and I’m very upset and concerned. There does not seem to be anyway to contact anyone to find out what the problem is. Please respond as this is important for me.

    1. Hello! Thank you for messaging me! We will get you all fixed up! 🙂 I do see an order at 8:58am but it does not show a name for privacy reasons. Did you check your junk folder? I received 2 or 3 emails with access right after I ordered. Maybe there was an email typo? Try going to http://www.manifestationmiracle.com and at the bottom will be member log in, try that with your email. If that does not work then beside that link is customer service and they will happily send you your access info! Hope that helps! Have a fabulous day and enjoy the program!

  2. I am intrigued and very interested in this program. Can you purchase this in Canada in Canadian dollars? The exchange rate is atrocious right now! Lol!!

    1. Hi Maureen 🙂 Yes it will convert to Canadian $! I’m Canadian too 🙂 Off the top of my head I would say it will work out around $65ish? But it’s worth it 🙂 Hope that helps 🙂 Thanks for visiting my website, I really appreciate it!!!

  3. I really wonder where on earth were you,if I could have found these secrets a year before,id be far, but I thank God I’d still be able to fix my life,thank you

  4. Hello mam, Am from india, I have a question whether destiny tuning works for other person as i wanna attract two people in my life but law of attraction not working for them 🙁

    1. Hello! Using Destiny Tuning is using The Law of Attraction 🙂 Its aligning your vibrational frequency with what you want! Its all about you!

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