Affiliate Compensation Disclosure

What is an Affiliate and How are they Compensated 

An affiliate, like me at,  is a person who researches a specific product/service, does a product/service review and or recommendation and because they had a good experience or found value in the product/service they decided to sell and market the product/service to visitors that come to their website/blog via an affiliate link.

The affiliate link will direct the consumer to the product/service and the product/service owners website where the product/service can be purchased.

Affiliates, such as myself at,  do not own the products/services being sold but are distributors for the product owner and are then compensated a commission as products/services/memberships are sold and distributed to consumers. Each product owner will have different commission schedules, incentives, bonuses and some product owners will also give out samples or free products to affiliate marketers so they can test the product and write reviews and then distribute it via their website/blog through the affiliate link.

For me at I LOVE Personal Development, Spiritual Growth, Manifestation, Meditation, Quantum Physics, Healing, Holistic programs, basically the whole Personal Growth niche.  Other interests are in Health, Body and Beauty and Internet Marketing.  At we will discuss and recommend various programs in these niches and throughout email campaigns that visitors freely double opt into and become subscribers.

All products marketed on will have affiliate links that will take them to the point of sale for purchase where both the product owner and myself will generate income.

This Compensation Disclosure is for every consumer visiting so that its clear the relationship between the owners of the product/services and the recommendations made by

Here at we really appreciate all of our visitors, our customers and all of our double opt in subscribers.

We want to thank you very very much for deciding to do business with us and we will continuously strive to “WOW” you and provide you access to the top products in our chosen niches.

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6 thoughts on “Affiliate Compensation Disclosure

  1. Hello am interested in this destiny tuning of a thing but i don’t know the concept they are talkin about or is it still same thing as meditation thanks i will be glad to be educated more

    1. Hey how are you? No its not a meditation, its more of a state of being! Its a book/program helping someone get super clear on what you want and then learning how to master your everyday vibration so your desires flow in! Also learning where your vibration might be getting thrown off in everyday life too! The whole premise is your personal energetic frequency 🙂 which is how The Universe hears our requests! Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions! Have an awesome day!!!

  2. Hi!thank u so much for such a great website🙏💖I have read almost all the books about attraction law and some tools of it like imagination youre dreams,but I realized that I needed one missed ingrediet “destiny tuning”but I am in Iran and I wanted to know that are there this book and the mp3 files in Iran to buy?thank u

    1. Hi 🙂 You are very welcome! Thanks for the visit 🙂 Yes its all digital 🙂 Have a fabulous day!!! 🙂

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