Charka Tuning Forks

Chakra Tuning Forks

The Chakra’s = Our Main Energy Centres in The Body

The chakra’s are not physical and you can’t feel them because they reside on the etheric layer of the aura.


There are 7 main chakras in the body and each correspond to a different aspect of our life

The Universal Life force energy flows through each chakra and if the chakra is balanced it keeps us healthy and mentally sound. If the chakra’s become blocked then illness, mental illness and distorted perceptions and behaviours set in.

Its vital to have all chakras open, healthy and spinning in a clockwise manner. The Chakra Tuning forks can play a very important role in balancing and maintaining chakra balance.

Each chakra has a corresponding music note that is associated so if one chakra is not balanced or you can relate to some symptoms of an unbalanced chakra then the corresponding music note frequency can help put it back in its proper vibration.

There are many many ways to balance the chakra’s including the use of Tuning Forks

In relation to Destiny Tuning, which its emphasis is on raising and maintaining a high personal vibration the chakra’s health are a key component.

Chakra 1 is the Root – Corresponding note is C

Some main issues of an unbalanced Root chakra are financial worries and security/survival issues

Chakra 2 is our Sacral – Corresponding note is D

The unbalanced sacral will manifest as sexual issues and low self esteem

Chakra 3 is our Solar Plexus – Correspond note is E

This is our power centre – The I AM – If this is not balanced a feeling of loss of power over ones life sets in

Chakra 4 is our Heart – Corresponding note is F

A closed heart chakra has a hard time with forgiveness and opening up with others

Chakra 5 is our Throat – Corresponding note is G

This chakra is about communication and being able to speak your truth. When someone is not balanced they will hold things in and often sore throats manifest

Chakra 6 is our Third Eye- Corresponding note is A

Intuition and following our personal truth is guided by the Third Eye.  An unbalanced Third eye will inhibit creativity and imagination and a feeling of haze

Chakra 7 is our Crown – Corresponding note is B

The Crown is our spiritual centre and when its closed we loose touch with The Universe and The Creator. An attitude on “ no faith”

Because each individual is very unique there are countless causes of unbalanced chakra’s! For example diet, personal or work environments, personal experiences, trauma’s, and many many more. Balancing and keeping the chakras open and spinning clockwise is vital to optimal health and living an enriched life.

The Destiny Tuning material does not go into detail on this subject but I think it is very important and I wanted to shed some light on another way to increase your personal vibration.  Sometimes people feel stuck and they are not sure why so this could be one of the reasons. This can be used in conjunction with the Destiny Tuning material.

A small meditative practice using the chakra tuning forks can balance and maintain chakra health

Chakra Tuning Forks For Purchase

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