How To Raise Your PERSONAL Vibration

Here It Is… The Answer As To WHY The Law Of Attraction Has Not Worked For So Many People!


This specific Destiny Tuning page is for the student who just can’t seem to make the Law of Attraction work, BUT who keeps pressing forward, searching for the solution!

 What I am about to share is the cheat sheet to having The Beautiful Universe respond to your desires!


Drum Roll Please… ITS VIBRATION!



The answer to having it all, whatever that is for you, will always be YOUR Personal vibration!

The Destiny Tuning material focuses on this crucial element!!!

Straight Up! In Order For Us to Have What We Want We MUST MASTER THE VIBRATION WE EMIT!!! END OF STOREY!!!!


In the Destiny Tuning material you will learn very personal ways on how to raise your vibration, ways that only you will know the answer.

I loved how Heather Mathews structured her content because it allows us to have a conversation with our self! Not what someone else says, but what WE SAY!!!!

Because every human becoming is so different and unique, what is right for one is not right for another!  What excites and brings joy to one person might not have the same effect on another person.

So through The Destiny Tuning material you will personalize ways to increase your vibration and that is why it’s so effective, because its specifically designed for you.


Destiny Tuning Is For You If You Want… 


-To learn how to raise your PERSONAL Vibration on a second to second basis – Which by the way we have no choice to master if we want our desires manifested

-To exponentially increase the intensity of your personal vibration – This makes the speed of manifestation faster

-To learn and identify very common daily situations that take away your energy-Crucial knowing these! These are silent killers that must be overcome




The topic of vibration is not to knew to most of us! BUT MASTERING IT IS!

Most seekers are NOT focused on ways to implement and increase their personal vibration and the reality is we need to be doing it every single second of the day! Lol and that is not even a joke!

And that my new friend is what’s next on this self development journey!!!

This Is The Final Step Before You Hit The Top Of The Law Of Attraction Mountain!

Vibration is the very topic, element and key component we need to really understand and utilize when it comes to manifestation!

VIBRATION is how we attract to us what we want or sadly what we don’t want! Whether its money, love, success, better relationships, you name it, it all comes down to this one factor.

The Psychological Secret

The flow of energy is the psychological secret Heather Mathews speaks about in her video.  Your PERSONAL energy flow is how you communicate with The Universe. It is psychological because YOU control your thoughts.

You will discover through Destiny Tuning how you’re currently communicating daily.

Bottom line is if were NOT getting the results we want we need an adjustment and this is the area that needs a lot of attention.

I highly recommend taking a peak at Heathers Destiny Tuning Video!

Here Is Your First Vibrational Experiment…


So lets stop right now and notice how you feel inside…

Then click on the video and really pay attention to the way you feel inside while you watch it, even just 5 min.

If you understand resonance it will either attract you or repel you depending on what’s right for you at this moment and stage in your life.

If you really pay attention you will receive guidance instantly and you will feel if Destiny Tuning is a good fit for you.

Just Listen and FEEL What Happens Inside

Everyone is different but I know when I feel in resonance with something I feel a lightness in my throat and body, sometimes I feel like my cells are dancing and other times I feel like “oh perfect! I can see that this… is my next step and absolutely I am getting it or doing it”

And a no is more like a hard feeling or something feels off in my stomach! There is not a welcoming feeling!

If you have to keep asking yourself over and over again chances are its a no! Yes’s are absolute and bring excitement 🙂


manifestation miracle

The Destiny Tuning program material will provide you with many ways to discover and raise your PERSONAL VIBRATION but I thought I would add some cool techniques I have been blessed to pick up along my journey! These techniques are specific to me but may also enrich your being and help you raise your personal vibration too!

 Free Destiny Manifestation Breakthrough Tuning PDF  – CLICK HERE


Thanks so much for the visit! We appreciate you!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!


Founder of Destiny Tuning

14 thoughts on “How To Raise Your PERSONAL Vibration

    1. Hi! I bought it at a store called “The Rising Sun” in Richmondhill ON 1(905) 884 3362
      Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi, Jaime is that true that activating a wealth spiral is the key for Destinity Tuning ?

    I look forward to hearing from you sooner,

    Sincerely yours,

    Light,harmony & love

    1. Good Morning! Activating a wealth spiral is not covered in the material but practicing that method in a mediataion is amazzzing! Funny you bring that up because I did that meditation last night 🙂 Have a fabulous day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I just barely started learning about has law of attraction . I stumbled across this book, Manifestation Miracle however I’m a bit skeptical on purchasing it . How did it help you ?

    1. Hello!!! The Law of Attraction is fascinating and I am sure if you keep studying you will see that too and also experience it in your own life! The main page on the site shares my personal experience about half way down 🙂 About purchasing, I suggest looking around on this site, I have added a lot of information so it will give you a better understanding of the program. I would listen to your gut instinct, if it feels right then buy it, if it doesn’t feel right perhaps there is something else that right now will be more suitable for you! Hope that helps! Have an awesome day!!!

  3. I have spent about 20 minutes on your website now and I have gained a lot from it! I really feel like I am supposed to have seen this page! When you mentioned feeling a lightness in your throat and body I did not really understand what you meant but reading on through your website page I felt what I believe to be what you were explaining. It felt like an uplifting light-weightiness in my throat-chest-head area. I also noticed my head was comfortingly warm. I am considering this one of many spiritual breakthroughs in my journey.
    Thank you for being apart of it!

    1. Thank you!!! Your message means a lot 🙂 I am thrilled to hear you gained so much 🙂 I am also honored to be apart of your journey and thank you sooo much for your visit 🙂 Have a WONDERFUL day!!!!!

  4. There wasn’t a free PDF on the link. It was a replay of the video. Do you have a free PDF available?

    I’ve been studying quantum theory, physics, Law of Attraction and all of the laws for over 16 years. I find synchronicities happen daily and some things do align. I focus on the outcome and I meditate daily, visualize with emotion and focus on the outcome in a happy state. I just wonder what more there is?

    Also, I have a question about Heather Matthews. If she’s a popular life coach, speaker and author, how can I can’t find her online anywhere. She doesn’t have any contact information nor a website. Is she a real person?!

    1. Hey! Here is the link… Enjoy 🙂 16 years, that is awesome!!!! We sound like we have things in common! The way I look at it, is there is ALWAYS something new to be learnt! Sometimes its the way a person can explain something or maybe its just the right day and moment when we hear it or for me, REMEMBER or be reminded of what we already know and take action! LOL As for more information about the author she does not have huge authority like the main stream manifestation gurus, from what I know she is an average person who published a great book and program on manifestation. Hope that helps 🙂 Thank you soooooo much for checking us out! We appreciate it! Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey! Ok so if your in need of some cash perhaps an affirmation: I am a money magnet!!! (BY T Harv Ecker) Say it aaaaaaallllll day! Lol and start seeing where money shows up! Once you have success with that, step it up!!! What else do you require money for? Know how much and why and expect it to come! Have a great day!!!

  5. I have tried to get the free Manifestation Breakthrough Kit but the “Email Me the Kit Now” button isn’t working. Is this still available?

    Thank you – love your site.

    1. Hi Laurie 🙂 Thank you for letting me know that 🙂 For some reason it won’t let me fix it at the moment??? Lol Oh technology!!!!!! However I can email it to you? If you send me a quick email to

      As soon as I can update the link on the site I will 🙂 And thank you for the nice compliment 🙂 Have a wonderful day!!!


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