Destiny Tuning Manifestation Miracle – How to Speak The Language of The Universe

Follow Your BLISS

The Key to Speaking The Language of The Universe

Bliss is a feeling that is beyond words. Bliss Is a state of mind, a state of awareness and a mix of the most beautiful emotions that surpass mind. These emotions emit a very high vibrational frequency to everyone and everything around us.

Bliss is the ultimate freedom, sense of peace, joy, true love and elation! Bliss feels like “ALL is fabulous in the world” and in that state that actually becomes your reality!

Following your Bliss is the key to living an authentic life and the premise of Manifestation Miracle!

Following your Bliss is vibn a very very high frequency existence and constantly communicating to The Universe in its own language – Energy


This high frequency vibration is how to speak directly to The Universe! Through that specific frequency, The Universe can hear you, guide you and show you what your looking and asking for!

This is weird… But…. What we want is already present, HOWEVER if your not in vibrational alignment with “it” you will NOT see it!!!!


How to Put yourself in a Blissful Energy


I invite you to take 30 seconds and think right now what genuinely makes you smile? Gets you pumped up and excited? What puts you in a state of BLISS?

This should be very easy! It could be absolutely anything… A person, an animal, an event, a destination, an experience, a favourite food, sports team etc to give you a few ideas.

Step #2

Now that you have at least one thing that brings you bliss really focus on it, think about, visualize it and enjoy it for 2 full minutes.

Step #3

Notice how your vibration shifted when you focused your energy on that particular person, place or thing.  Notice how your mood feels lighter and notice the smile on your face while you think about it!

Because that thought is a higher vibrational thought it will affect your personal energy and your environment. It will literally raise your personal vibration!

That is how easy it is to change your personal  vibrational frequency and that is how fast you can speak directly to The Universe! The Key and where Destiny Tuning fits in, is that state needs to be permanent!!!

Living in This State Permanently is the SECRET To Success!

Most of us get so caught up in everyday “life” that we rarely focus on those things that make us happy!

Everything around us can impact our personal vibration and its vital to master residing in a blissful state!

This is My Happy Place


The ocean brings me into complete alignment! I am beyond Blissful in The Ocean’s presence and I could just stare in Awe for hours!

I find The Ocean incredibly beautiful, intelligent and powerful! It has so much life and the energy completely relaxes me and makes me feel “at home”.

I am soooo excited for the day that I own land on the ocean and ecstatic for what will transpire in my life because I will be on cloud 9 24/7!!!!!!!!

I hope this blessed your day and starts a domino effect of blissful thoughts in your world!


If your ready to completely change your vibrational frequency from this inside, live in a constant state of joy and start manifesting the life of your dreams then most definitely check out The Destiny Tuning Manifestation Miracle course!!! This is a blessing from The Universe!!!!!

Manifestation Miracle Course


Love Jaime

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24 thoughts on “Destiny Tuning Manifestation Miracle – How to Speak The Language of The Universe

    1. I am glad you liked it! 🙂 Yes, we live in a busy world and it takes conscious effort! Have a wonderful day!!!

  1. Thank you soo much…the bliss technique gave me an overwhelming peace and love for my children’s laughter…I’m thankful for that blessing…thank you so much…you just don’t know how amazing that experience was for me..thank you

    1. Awwww 🙂 I am sooo happy to hear that!!! 🙂 You are very welcome! Have a wonderful day!!!

  2. I struggle to do this and really appreciate you reminding me to be grateful and to live a life of gratitude. Is this the only thing you need to do? Or are there any other tools or thoughts you need to follow?

    1. I am glad to help 🙂 Well the state of gratitude gives off a beautiful vibration so finding things to be happy about all the time will help keep someone in that state. If you sign up for the free email series there are tools that will also help 🙂 Have an awesome day!!! I appreciate your comment!

  3. I’m very great full of ur help. I’m at rock bottom in life. Lost abesolutly every thing to my ex. Then I was injured in a job related accident. And now thank god for friends I’m living in a cabin in Anchorage Alaska. I do wish for elec n tuning water. But thank u so much. May god give u a very special gift jerry

    1. Hi Jerry!!! I’m sooo grateful my website found you and moving forward only positive vibes and love!!! Sometimes we have bumps on this beautiful journey but it always works out for our highest good! Your new life awaits you and trust that happiness and all you desire is on its way! Thanks sooo much for your message! I really appreciate it! 🙂 Have the best day ever!!!!!!

  4. I am now in my spiritual journey and i am so grateful and so blessed that i’ve learned and knew about the law of attraction that most people rare to know about self realization. Now i feel the happiness, the contentment in my life. Thank you for sharing more about how to manifest abundance into our own life.

    1. Hi 🙂 I am sooo happy for you and your journey and I’m sure sooo many blessings are on the way for you!!! And you’re 100% right we are very blessed to know and use the law of attraction! Thanks for visiting the website 🙂 I appreciate your kind message 🙂 Have a glorious day!!!

  5. Good morning,
    I just thought of hugging my Son and i got this tingly feeling all through my body. He lives in Austin and i dont get to see him very often but i just saw him this past Sunday so the hug is still fresh on my mind. I didn’t want it to end. I love him beyond life itself!! Thank you for this wonderful exercise…it was so simple and made me feel so good!!

    1. Good morning Laura! Sorry for the late response as I was away for my wedding and honeymoon 🙂 I loved your comment and I am grateful that I shared that exercise so you could feel those wonderful feelings and have that great experience! Thank you for sharing and happy vibing to you today and always!

  6. I simply couldn’t leave your web site before suggesting that I extremely
    loved the usual information an individual supply in your visitors?
    Is going to be back continuously to inspect new posts

  7. Im glad i found your site i was always unhappy thinking about every problems in my life now to hell with problems i only think of things that make me glow Love you Jaimie.

    1. Good Morning Donna! Thank you and I’m sooo glad you found my website too 🙂 You are AMAZING and I am sooo happy for you!!!!! That is a HUGE success and I absolutely love your new motto… “focus on things that make you glow!” I LOVE IT!!!!! Have the BEST day ever!!!!!!!!!

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