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The Reality is…

If someone reads the Destiny Tuning material, listens to the Destiny Tuning daily affirmations and does the daily active exercises, their personal vibration will change!

It has too – Its cause and effect, its science, its like pushing over a domino, it will move and knock over the rest!

By focusing and emitting positive high frequency thoughts and vibrations and making it into a habit someone will see dramatic differences in their environment, in how people treat and interact with them, how they treat themselves and by the way they feel about EVERYTHING!

Its Like Putting on Rose Coloured Glasses

Even if a situation arises that does not seem awesome, because the vibration is now on a higher level someone will handle it with grace and with a very different perspective than a person vibrating on a lower frequency.

Here Is The Magic Potion…

Each individual is responsible to do their own vibrational work!

It’s a new way of life! It’s a new way of thinking and of BEING!

It’s Consistency, Implementation and it’s Change!

The program is set up for 3 weeks and should be continued for life, with course corrections along the way as new goals and desires come about. This is a lifestyle change!

Heather Mathews has a 60 day refund and if someone followed the program for 60 days I am extremely confident they would be ecstatic, extremely grateful and a refund would not be in their awareness or thoughts!

The Law of Attraction is like energy attracts like energy! So if someone implemented the program and attuned their energy to “awesome high vibes” and is constantly attracting experiences that vibrate on that high frequency, then they would feel that this course was at such a low cost for the outcomes that transpire.

They would feel beyond blessed that they received this gift, a gift by the way they were asking for if they are reading this, for the cost of a night to the movies.  And the result has the potential to change their entire life and the life of their loved ones!

Need Proof?

I don’t want anyone to feel like they wasted their time and money so this has been MY experience, which obviously will be different from everyone else’s because our individual energy is different.

I bought Destiny Tuning the end of May 2014 and the last 6 months I have been blessed beyond measure…

I took a dream trip with my man to Nova Scotia  I have wanted to go for 3 years now and Sept 2014 The Universe planned a spectacular, romantic and FUN adventure for the 2 of us! It was Amazzzing!

My man and I bought our first beautiful house 11 11 2014  It’s brand new and customized to exactly what we both love and want! The design and decor is gorgeous and its in a beautiful small town!!

01 01 2015 I was beyond blessed with the most Stunningly Beautiful Princess cut diamond engagement ring from My Man and Best Friend!!! I have dreamt about wearing this ring forever and now I get to wear it FOREVER!!!!  He planned the PERFECT proposal for me at 11:11am and made it soooooo very special and truly sentimental!! I am sooo BLESSED to spend the rest of my life with him and I will be forever grateful for the Love and friendship we have always shared!!!

Trust in The Universe and put this program into action in your own life!

To Be Honest

Someone should NOT BUY this program or any self development program if they are not willing to change and are not willing to follow the outline as its laid out! You can’t expect results in anything if you don’t do the work! In this case, if someone’s personal energetic frequency doesn’t change than they can’t expect to see any different outcomes.

Change in many forms like attitudes, beliefs, daily habits and being open to learning and committing to achieving your desires.

For a lot of people this could be some major changes but changes that need to happen if they want to live the life of their dreams.

In My Opinion

If someone decided to refund Destiny Tuning, 99% of the time it means they did NOT follow the steps, hold themselves accountable, do the exercises, the affirmations and are looking for a 1 min miracle! If you all of a sudden master your vibration and keep it there it could happen BUT for the majority its going to take effort, discipline and immediate action to make it a new habit and create a higher energetic personal frequency.

This is a great quote By T. Harv Eker that has really stuck with me throughout my life…“How you do anything, is how you do everything!”

Invest in Your Future and Go Get Your Dreams! Destiny Tuning


Founder of What is Destiny Tuning


4 thoughts on “Destiny Tuning Refunds

  1. I live in Malaysia and the US$47 is nearly RM200 which is quite a lot for me. Is there any other way I can get Destiny Tuning?


    1. Hey! I understand but that is the price the author has it selling for and I do not have any control over the price point. BUT throughout this website I have gone into detail in sooo many ways about Destiny Tuning so that could be a good starting point and will continue to do add more! Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi, Jaime ,Could you please send to me your Paypal adress in order to send the payment for manifestation miracle course ( Destinity Tuning ) in which am extremely interested to enrolling.

    With light,compassion,harmony ,peace & love.

    1. Good morning 🙂 To purchase the program you will have to click the video link and then the add to cart button will be under the video! 🙂 Its not done through paypal! Hope that helps! Have a FABULOUS day!!!

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