How to Make a Vision Board That Really Works

Vision Boards That Work and Manifest!

Destiny Tuning at It’s Finest 

Manifesting your wants & desires can be easy and fun when you know what tools to use and the proper way to use them.  This is a tutorial of how to make a vision board!

 Step #1  –  Clarity is King

When starting to plan for the creation of the vision board you need to decide what are your top priority goals are.  If you have many aspirations pick your top 5.  We want to have focused energy and too many goals will create mental confusion.

Step #2 – Get very Specific

Once you have picked your top 1-5 goals then ask yourself this question…

If money or time was not an issue what would I LOVE to have or experience in relation to the goal you wrote down. Be as detailed as possible!

My vision board example below was around finding a new place to live.  To give you an example of a detailed list this is what I wrote down:


*On the Water* Wrap around deck*Large open windows* Warm homey environment* *Open concept* In Muskoka* Winterized home* Affordable rent* Cool land lord* 1-2 year lease* Peaceful* Quiet* Remote* Phone and Internet* Appliances*


This Was The “New Home” Corner of My Vision Board

How to Make a Vision BoardFor me personally, I really love open concept layouts and floor to ceiling windows instead of walls, is a must!

I was looking for a home that I could live in year round despite the crazy amounts of snow in Muskoka, one that looks exactly like the layout in the vision board, on water,  and was in a spot that was beautiful and felt like “home”.  Like my previous  vision board experience with the city condo, I had to look at several places and the last one, again, was “The One”


How To Make a Vision Board

I knew it as soon as I pulled up the drive way that I would live there! It was literally perfect! And meant for meI was extremely Blessed with my requests: The wrap around deck, huge river frontage that looked out my glass house surrounded by tree’s 

Vision Boards That Manifests Itself Into Reality

How to Make a Vision Board

Destiny Tuning At It’s Finest

Coincidence I Think NOT!


IMG-20120121-00015 (2)IMG-20120117-00010


Notice the girl kayaking in a river-  well guess who vibed in a kayak as a gift How to Make a Vision Board

The top vision board pic shows The Heart of Muskoka and I lived on the boarder of Bracebridge ON and on its welcome sign says “The Heart of Muskoka” I even had a picture of a map where I ended up being


My scheduled apt to see the house was  11 11 2011 and if you read my post on 11:11 you will know the significance it has for me  My other Vision Board Example, my condo suite in Toronto I manifested suite# 1111  I am and have been extremely blessed and I am beyond grateful!


Welcome to the land of Manifestation! Click Below if you’re ready to take action and achieve Your Goals & Dreams


Love Jaime

5 thoughts on “How to Make a Vision Board That Really Works

  1. I’d like to start a vision board except I’d like to have my pictures and affirmations in a binder. Doing it this way allows me to look at them daily or take along with me. Also, it’s more convenient and private.

    Here is my concern. I don’t subscribe to any magazines so I don’t have any sources to cut out pictures. I am still new to Pinterest, but would that be a source to print out pictures? I just find it a bit challenging find pictures to print from the internet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hey Emily! Happy New Year!!! A binder is an awesome idea 🙂 For me personally I collected magazines from friends and family and then used pictures that I cut out! I really enjoyed the process of shopping! Lol There are also lots of free magazines out there depending on what your goals are? like a travel book! Or if you want a new car get a brochure from the dealership! Or if there is something you really want take your picture with it and print it off! Play around and just have fun 🙂

  2. On the vision board is split into categories, and can you include professions and add pics of that goal.

    1. Hello! Sure you can! A vision board is just a visual representation of your personal goal – its a way for your mind to see it! So if you want to add a profession then look for pictures of that type of professional or someone who is doing that specific job etc. Hope that helps 🙂 Thanks for you message! We appreciate it!!!

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