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Personal Manifestation Example While I Was Reading Manifestation Miracle

This is What You Can Expect When Your “In The Flow”…

Have you ever had the experience of thinking about a person and then the next day that person calls you or you randomly see them out somewhere?

That circumstance is an example of Destiny Tuning.  You thought about a person, your vibration/energy was in tune with that persoan and then you saw them! Its actually not surprising at all once we know the science behind energy and vibration.

Crazzzzy yesssssss!!!!

I had an experience like this yesterday, and today is June 5/14.  My bf and I were talking about the show The Dragons Den and he suggested I go on there to showcase a business idea I had.  Now this is crazy, but not really because its just exactly what I said above, but when it actually happens its mind blowing.

So my bf works outside and randomly a $500,000 Lamborghini drives up the road on his job site.  He starts looking and admiring the car and then has a mini “good” freak out because the driver was one of the hosts on the show The Dragons Den!

This is a Perfect Example of Destiny Tuning!!!!

So here it is,  I was really excited about the idea I had, so when my bf and I had the conversation my personal  energy that was being sent out to the universe was very high,  I was in the flow! And not 24 hours later that situation manifested.  I also manifested some material  in 48 hours that I needed for that business idea! Yay!!!

Cheers to Destiny Tuning!!!!!!!!!!!!

Destiny Tuning

If you want to really understand personal energetic frequency and how to MASTER Manifestation then Destiny Tuning is the answer




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