Manifestation Miracle – My Dream Wedding

Happily Ever After 


Destiny Tuning


Dreams and wishes do come true!

What you want, wants you too!

This is an exceptional Destiny Tuning example, a true Manifestation Miracle that blessed my life!

I am an ocean girl and more than anything wanted to get married by the sea!

My finance and I had travelled to Nova Scotia Sept 2014 and LOVED it! So when we were planning our destination wedding the only place that made sense and had such a “flow” vibe was at the beach above in a cute little town we loved sooo much in NS.

The first Destiny Tuning point…

Everywhere else that we looked to have the wedding ceremony either couldn’t work because

a) you had to get married at a justice of the peace

b) you couldn’t legally get married in the country so would have to get married before hand

c) it was hurricane season

d) The most important –  I just got a super uneasy feeling

Trust when things feel in alignment and when they flat out don’t!


Destiny Tuning – The Universe speaks to us through emotions, and when my finance said lets go to that beach in NS I was beyond happy , sooo excited, it felt right and EVERYTHING fell into place like clockwork 

On our 2014 trip we could see this BIG beautiful house from the beach we loved and we were in awe of the location and view.

When we started looking for places to stay out in NS my mom said she had the perfect house to rent and guess what house it was….

Yup the house we saw   So thanks to my mom & dad, The Lord and Destiny Tuning we were sooo incredibly Blessed to stay there leading up to, during and after our Beautiful Wedding.

A Dream Come True

Destiny Tuning

This is the POWER of Destiny Tuning and being in Vibrational Alignment

Wedding 6

This is the incredible view from the back wrap around deck. Nothing but clear ocean view straight to the west.



When manifesting anything we need a clear mental picture of what we want to attract and experience.

I wanted an outdoor wedding!!! That was a non-negotiable, there was no other option but sun and warm weather!

When planning a wedding there is a lot of “other” peoples energy and opinions, especially about weather and the famous question.. what if it rains!?!?! Blah Blah Blah Lol

wedding 10

So I followed Destiny Tuning and had a wedding vision where I could feel with great emotion the sun and blue sky for our special day

This was my actual intention/request that I wrote down and looked at very often…

A perfect sunny day, 25 degrees, with a soft breeze.  As you can see in my picture I got my wish!

Now I didn’t know this until a few days later because I NEVER looked at the weather or would talk about it, I just put my trust in the result that I wanted –  but I found out they were calling for cold and rain all day.

My friend heard them say on the local radio “don’t plan anything outside for Aug 8” and the day after my wedding was that very weather, cold, rainy and foggy! 

And this is soooooo cool –  In the local newspaper the day after the wedding it said my wedding day, Aug 8 2015 was a record high for temperature in Nova Scotia for the year so far!

THANK YOU Destiny Tuning and Manifestation

Wedding 1

Wedding 11

I found my gorgeous wedding gown the first day dress shopping with my mom and grandma, it was the first dress I picked out for myself to try on 

The bridal store customized the dress for me adding sparkles under the ruffles and when it came in, it fit like a glove, I had no alterations except the length, which apparently is unheard of!

This dress was meant for me and I felt like a cake topper! Lol It definitely was more expensive than most and was shipped in from Barcelona. I was completely Blessed yet again and received my Beautiful Wedding dress as a gift.

There was 50 close friends and family who came to share our joy and everyone was soo relaxed, joyful and had such an easy breezy energy – which again I intended and prayed for!

We enjoyed a wonderful warm summer night with the most amazzzzing music ever played and had such a wonderful time.

My husband and I danced in a candle lit heart and then shared the most incredible first 11:11 moment as husband and wife with the most spectacular fireworks.

Wedding 24

First 11:11 as a married couple

Fireworks1       Fireworks       fireworks2

Another Request to The Universe…

Shooting stars  

The Monday after our wedding while we were at that beautiful house was a meteor shower In a town of 300 people out in the middle of nowhere the sky was completely lit up of the beautiful constellation and we saw over 22 bright beautiful shooting stars that night!

My husband and I were like kids, sooo excited, doing and experiencing soo many fun new things, signing and dancing and just being our true selves.

Because I was vibing so high I manifested money through one of my income streams, it was the largest paycheque I had received, we were blessed with more unexpected wedding gifts and the whole experience was soooo joyful!

When you learn the language of The Universe, JOY & Gratitude, Destiny Tuning works right before your very eyes.

I felt like I had to pinch myself because everything was sooooooooo perfect and my heart is still smiling with such thankfulness because the entire experience was gifted to both my husband and I!

WOW is all I can say! And how incredibly BLESSED and Thankful we are!!!

After 2 weeks in Nova Scotia my new husband surprised me with a dream honeymoon at CHIC resort in Dominican.  CHIC is top notch, first class everything!!!

Full room service, robe & slippers, room and beach butler, private diamond club beach area, amazing food and the rooms were decorated in such a modern, stylish, sassy vibe!

Chic1This was our view from our room


Chic2First class everything all the way!

My husband and I had the times of our lives and it was sooo special because it was our honeymoon!

What a blessing it is to marry your best friend and to have such a great time just the 2 of us!

We had lots of laughs, dance parties, great relaxation time and just took in and appreciated the moments we shared.

My wedding and honeymoon is by far the biggest manifestation miracle I have experienced since I read and followed Destiny Tuning May 2014.

This is such a WOW example of what happens if you take action on changing your vibrational frequency!  I hope this inspires you to go after what you want in life and live out your dreams!!!


Love Jaime