Destiny Tuning Bonus Material

We Love Free Bonuses

Heather Mathews has included several generous BONUS materials in her Manifestation Miracle “Destiny Tuning” Program.

Bonus #1

Affirmation Tool!  This is a pleasant, short and to the point mp3 that you can listen to in the morning or just before bed.  Heather Mathews gifts us with 2! One geared to relationships and the other to abundance.  The relationship affirmation is gender specific which is pretty cool!

After 60-90 days of using and implementing Destiny Tuning I would suggest using her affirmation tool and customizing your own so you can get extremely specific.

Affirmations Tips

  • Always state the desire in the present tense
  •  Keep the # of goals or statements to a minimum 3-5 max
  • Listen to them as frequently as possible, after a few times daily you will memorize them and they will become a thought habit, which is exactly what we want! Or another cool way is to make a song and sing it to yourself all day!


Bonus #2 abundant wealth

Abundant Wealth! I really enjoyed this! Its worth the price of just the ebook alone and we get it FREE.  It was a couple hours and the content was great! I implemented the affirmation strategy and I will definitely listen to this program again!

In all new self development programs there will be younique spins that teachers put on existing material that you already know, but sometimes its the way someone says it that resonates, or your in a different space where you hear it  so it seems “different” it just clicks! I give Abundant Wealth 2 thumbs up!!!

Bonus #3

Bonus # 4 How To Reboot Your Metabolism

Please CLICK THE PACKAGE To Watch Heather Mathews Destiny Tuning Video


What Exactly Is Destiny Tuning???

10 thoughts on “Destiny Tuning Bonus Material

  1. Thank you! This blessed me for great expectations for an Abundant, Prosperous & extremely Successful New Year & Life!

    1. You are very welcome!!! 🙂 Thank you for the visit! I wish you abundance beyond your wildest dreams and success in everything you do! 2015 is your year!!!! Have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!!!!

  2. I’d like to order this book but there was no button under the video on Facebook and I can’t find a place here on the website. Can you email me instructions please. Looking forward to some wonderful experiences. Peace. Thank you.

    1. Good morning! All orders are done with credit card through the links provided on the site! Hope all is fabulous! Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. why did keep it saying
    “There was 1 error on the page:
    Your order was not approved. Please try another card”
    when I click pay now on the third step to buy Manifestation Miracle ?

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