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What to Expect With Your Destiny Tuning Manifestation Miracle Purchase


Manifestation Miracle is an online ebook with an accompanying daily action habit forming workbook

The program is digital – very convenient – You have instant access! You can Start Now!

After purchase customers receive a welcome email with login info and immediate access to The “Destiny Tuning” Manifestation Miracle course, Abundant Success Workbook, Mind Tracks, and The Bonus course material.

Students can download the ebook on to their iPad or save it to directly to a desktop.  Destiny Tuning Students also have the option to access  on line through a members page,  I personally did all three!


Key Benefit 

Students can also listen to the material through audio recordings , Heather Mathews has provided mp3’s for all chapters

Depending on your learning style and what suits your fancy, Heather has made all options available – Reading, listening and hands on through the active exercises

Repetition in the manifestation process is crucial and having the material on audio is a HUGE advantage because it gives you the option to  go over certain chapters a few times which I personally do and I highly recommend

The Manifestation Miracle is Divided into 5 Parts and Each Section has their Own Chapters and Transformational Exercises

I personally found  the exercises at the end of each chapter very insightful and the 69 page Abundance Success  workbook was transformational! For me it makes all the difference in my Destiny Tuning experience and keeps me focused and on track! And I feel good about myself bc I do it daily!

The workbook is where a lot of the magic and transformation comes from bc its on going. Even after the 3 weeks continue! Do it again! Make this an awesome daily habit now for 3 months, then a year!

The chapter action steps and abundant success workbook made a world of difference in the training and the understanding of Manifestation Miracle.  I also would read a chapter, then listen to the chapter on the mp3 and then complete my action exercise. I would highly recommend if you decide to purchase this program that you follow the same example so you receive full benefit from the course material like I did 

And perhaps your like me? Sometimes you don’t hear things and tune things out, so reading and listening is key!


The Abundance Success Workbook

The Abundance Success Workbook is daily actions/activities that build new positive habits and in turn create high vibrational new thought patterns and beliefs based on your personal desires

A Destiny Tuning Student can immediately implement the content Heather Mathews has provided to get the right changes rolling!

Its one thing to read information and gain knowledge but quite another to be able to put knowledge into practical use in your own specific situation right away

After I ordered the program I was sent an email with access to the product and also my receipt.  Then came in a confirmation email and also a thank you for joining with a free issue of an on line magazine.


Just So You’re Aware…

The Manifestation course showed up on my credit card statement listed as ClickBank and the vendor is MANIMIR – the product name Manifestation Miracle will not be listed


Additional Programs

When I bought Destiny Tuning, 2 opportunities to buy additional products were made available for purchase. I did not buy the programs so I am not aware of the content  material, but based on my experience with Destiny Tuning I am sure they are top notch!


Customer Support  

If you require any further assistance or if you wish for a refund within a 60 day period you can access support at any time HERE

There is an optional monthly membership. If you subscribed to the membership and then for some reason no longer wish to continue, then please fire off an email to Manifestation Miracle customer support and they will take care of it immediately.


Simple and Easy

The process of getting access to your material is very simple and the members page is  very straight forward.  You will also get email links to your “Destiny Tuning” Manifestation Miracle bonuses – The Abundant Wealth, The Powerhouse Guide, The Reboot Your Metabolism, Love and Happiness Mindtrack and the Abundance Mindtrack which is also on the members page.


Why I Was Impressed…

What I found really cool and different from any o’l ebook (and I buy lots on line!!!) is the relationship Heather Mathews creates with her customers!

When you buy something you want to feel like its from a friend or someone that cares on some level and I got that vibe right from watching the video.

I appreciate the random emails I get here and there that introduce me to new products, information, techniques and teachers I would have never otherwise have heard about; Its a community of like minded people on a self development journey.

And the final benefit that impressed me was what I talked about above, that the book came with a daily workbook and that I could listen to the material!

Destiny Tuning Program – ACCESS HERE  


Love Jaime


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