Destiny Tuning – How I Manifested a New Business

Destiny Tuning is Allowing Our True Authenticity to Shine!

If you have been following The What is Destiny Tuning blog, you all know that Destiny Tuning is being in the right vibrational frequency by following our own personal loves and desires!

This What is Destiny Tuning website is a Perfect example and I vibed in this Blessing as a result! Its also a FREE Gift for you too!

I was really excited to read the Destiny Tuning PDF material and my expectation was that I was going to really learn something new, deepen my level of awareness on the topic of manifestation and take my self development journey to the next level in various aspects of my life!

My high expectation of The Manifestation Miracle proved to be bang on and the content plus the daily actions provided value in sooo many ways!

This is What Happens When You’re Vibn Good!

When I get inspired my vibes are rock’n high, so when I was reading the Manifestation Miracle I was in “THE ZONE”!!!

I had a lot of cool ideas and flashes of insight,  those moments that we all love!!!

About a month after I delved into the material, my manifestation antenna’s were up and I noticed on fb a new product that I really wanted to try. It was a beauty product that was OUTSTANDING!!!

This product was different and stunning! I love beautiful things, who doesn’t? and I really love beauty enhancing products…I am a make up queen!

So for about a month or so I kept seeing pictures of women using this product and I was very intrigued.

Instead of just purchasing the product, which I was going to anyway, similar to my Destiny Tuning experience, I researched the business opportunity. The companies values fit perfect with mine and I fell in love with the way they ran their business and the quality of their products.

Doing What You Love and Earning Income = Success

Now I could have just bought the product which is “off the hook” by the way, but because I was in a business/abundant mindset I saw an opportunity to increase my income! I saw a chance to have another source of passive income, the opportunity to sell this business if I so desired and create equity. I was in!!!

Now there are a lot of business opportunities out there, but this one was special because it reflected me and my personality!

That’s key and the whole purpose of what Heather Mathews is trying to convey to her readers. Doing what you really love puts you in a positive vibrational state and getting the opportunity to get paid for it is even better!

Now most people would love to find another source of income and I can pretty much guarantee they would love to find a business or job that was one of their personal hobbies or passions in life, then its doesn’t feel like work, its play!

What a blessing that was for me, or I guess better choice words is its a true Manifestation Miracle

Now I don’t know what you love to do or what ignites excitement and passion in your life, but you do!

If you allow Destiny Tuning to guide you, then like me, if you are looking for ways to increase your income then this is another example of how Destiny Tuning can help transform your life!

At the bottom of this post I have included a free Destiny Tuning pfd, its a gift for anyone who would like to have access to a Destiny Tuning Manifestation Tool!

Have a wonderful day!!!!

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