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Over The Last Decade  I have had the amazing opportunity to be exposed to The BEST resources in The Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Healing, Meditation, Personal Vibration, Physics and Self Healing!

Now I Am Going To Share It All With You!!!

I have created a Library of my personal favourites on the Top Law of Attraction Books for all Destiny Tuning visitors. If you want to accelerate and maximize you’re self development journey then your about to Open a World Full of Opportunity RIGHT HERE!

I Have Listed The Books in Order of Personal Preference Based on The Results I Have Had in My Life!


#1 Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting – Lynn Grabhorn

Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting is the  book that changed the entire course of My Life!

It was the first book I read on The Law of Attraction and the content had the biggest impact for me .  I am a completely different person because I read this book and I will be beyond grateful everyday that a business associate referred it to me and that I took his advice!

My life would be completely different if I didn’t purchase Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting! The reality is, this blog wouldn’t exist and perhaps my whole self development journey might not have existed either! Life and choices are a butterfly effect! This one read took me down the road of LOVE!

When I read Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting  I internalized and became attuned to The Law of Attraction! A decision I made 10 years ago has effected and will effect the rest of my life and will effect every single person I come into contact with through my personal vibration!!! 🙂

This is definitely My Top Law of Attraction Book pick and it will always be My #1!!!!!!!! Best  investment of my life!!!!

In reference to Destiny Tuning – My vibe from reading Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting permanently changed! My mindset, my perception, my personal energy, and my whole being!


#2 Spiritual Growth – Sanaya Roman

A very close second and very different than pick #1! This is a very spiritual and active meditation book. Through Spiritual Growth you come to know and be your higher self. Living everyday at that level is ineffible – means there are no words to describe it!

The meditations are the best!  This book is where I learnt to meditate at an extremely high frequency! For people who love to meditate this is a MUST HAVE! You will absoltuy love it!!! Even if your new to meditation it was one of the first I bought!


#3 ALL The Teaching of Abraham Books – Jery & Esther Hicks

Every single Abraham book is advanced Law of Attraction material! For someone to get a crystal clear understanding of The Law of Attraction then this series is the ultimate resource! Your personal vibration will change while reading the books and you will have the knowledge and power for the rest of your life!

The Law of Attraction is explained in so many ways and you can’t help but be an expert in the topic after you have read their books!


#4 The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

Eckart Tolle is an Icon! He is the master of silence! Silencing of the mind, the ego and the inner critic!  The Power of Now was one of the first books I read before he was main stream and I couldn’t believe the profound peace I felt reading the words! I have never experienced stillness to that degree!

When the mind is silent your awareness is very strong and all your senses are completely hightened! I remember thinking “how beautiful everything around me looked” .  Like the books listed above your’re vibe will change!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#5 Think and Grow Rich – Napolean Hill

The Law of Attraction principle is not new! Napolean Hill was one of the classic authors who wrote, taught and lived The Law of Attraction.  The book’s structure is around business and is for the person who wants to achieve high levels of material success and get rich! I have read this book mulitple times and should be taught in school!


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