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PERSONAL Vision Board Example 

Heather Mathews “Destiny Tuning” program material covers the manifestation technique  vision boards.  They are extremely powerful tools that will allow you to create a visual representation of the goals and experiences you want to manifest in your life!

Here at What is Destiny Tuning we are going to show you how to make a Vision Board that really works!

I Absolutely LOVE making and using Vision Boards

I have experienced a lot of success and have used vision boards for about 8 years now!  If this is your first experience learning about this tool I want to give you personal vision examples so you have a template to create your own.

Vision Board ExamplesThis example is of my very first “special ” board.  It took a month or so to finalize and I spent a lot of time thinking, planning and picking the right pictures of what I really wanted to create in my life, I encourage you to take your time and do the same.

This is a picture of the bottom corner of my board and it focused on where I wanted to live at the time.

At that point in my life I lived in a small town and wanted to move immediately!  I thought to myself, if I could live anywhere at this point in time, somewhere semi close to home, where would it be? What exactly would the place look like? WHAT DO I WANT?

At the time I thought I would have to live in an apartment due to high rent cost in the city but I made the vision board as if money was not an issue and I picked exactly what I would want and this is what I created.


Before I show you my Manifestation Miracle I want to really drive a few points home!

  •  I made a decision! I knew that I was moving! In your personal vision board creation you must have a definite goal that you are going to attain.


  • I made a very specific list of exactly what I wanted. My train of thought was if I had all the money what would my new place look like? Details! Details! Details!


  • I had the design, the layout, the decor, the appliances and most important, how I would feel living there 
So Lets Take a Closer Look at The Vision Board Example Again…
Vision Board Examples 
I Made The Vision Board in Sept and I Moved in Here Jan 1!


Vision Board Examples               Vision Board Examples           Vision Board Examples


I have to say it was pretty crazy and unbelievably Awesome!!!! I feel sooo Blessed!!! I hope you can see why I named the title: Make a Vision Board that Really Works, because it does!!!

Now here is something to remember, sometimes we have to wait for our manifestations, its not overnight!

At creation time of my vision board this was a condo being built down town Toronto! So when I wanted to move and I put it out there in the universe back in September, it wasn’t even finished construction at that time! It was literally being built for me!!!  

The Universe Delivered Even More Than What I Asked For

Now as you look at the pic of my vision board to my actual condo suite it was almost identical! I manifested a corner unit, with a wrap around balcony ( I basically had no walls), it was all floor to ceiling windows and I even got the corner pillar! 

I had barley even gone to Toronto before I moved and I vibed in an area that is considered the best, Yorkville! I got all my brand new appliances, in suite laundry, it was everything and even more than I could ask for! The Universe also gifted me with a beautiful gym, free parking spot and pets allowed 

The Coolest Part Was This…

So I decided to start looking just before Christmas and printed a bunch of different places to check out.  I looked at  a few condo’s and nothing stood out or felt right, and of course, it was the last one that I wasn’t even going to go to that was the dream fulfilled! Big lesson there! Keep GOING!!!!!!!!!! Especially when you don’t want to!

Now as a side note, another area of Destiny Tuning is signs and signals.  Since 2004 I see 11:11 everyday! I mean to the point I will wake up if I am sleeping! Lol and if you hang around me a bit you too will start to see 11:11 all the time too!

So now on with my story,  I park underground to meet the owner, we start up the elevator and he proceeds to tell me the unit is on floor 11! So instantly I am like sweet this is cool!! And then we get closer and what is my address????? It sure is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Writing this brings tears to my eyes because life can be so magical if we allow it

We all get jacked when we hear how big Law of Attraction guru’s talk about there success because we can imagine it for ourselves too.  But I am just me and if I can do it so can YOU!

Personal Vision board example 2 that will blow your mind – Blessed

If you would like to have a similar experience in any area of your life I would highly highly recommend The Destiny Tuning Material! Learn some really cool techniques and have fun with manifestation.


Destiny Tuning Program Material


Love Jaime

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